If you’ve ever enjoyed a nice long afternoon snoozing and lazing around in a hammock without a care in the world, then you have the Mayans to thank for your bliss, as the Mayans are responsible for creating the hamaca, which later became known to us as the hammock. We wonder if the Mayans predicted the hammocks longevity back when they first created it? While we sure wish we could travel back in time and thank them for their contribution to humanity, we’ll have to make due with honoring them another way – by offering you Mayan hammocks for your backyard that will transform your ordinary afternoon nap into an absolute paradise.


Origins of the Mayan Hammock

The Mayan hamacas of yesteryear were much different than the Mayan hammocks of today. Anthropologists think that the hammock dates as far back as 1,000 years ago, where they originated in Central America; the Maya and other indigenous peoples made them from tree bark or plant fibers, and hung them between trees. These suspended beds kept them off the dirty ground and protected them from things like snakes, rodents, and other dangerous critters. Sometimes people would even place hot coals or small fires beneath their hammocks to keep their tush’s warm or scare off insects while they slept.

When Christopher Columbus came over to the continents and discovered these “new” types of bed, he knew he must take them back to Europe for his own people to enjoy. They proved to be so popular that they became the standard beds for sailors on ships on expeditions to the New World. Hundreds of years later the hammocks are still popular, and it’s easy to see why – napping on one is luxurious and akin to being weightless.

The Mayan Hammock: A Naptime Must-Have

Mayan Hammocks are usually handwoven by Mayans residing in the Yucatan Peninsula. They are constructed from thin strings in a diamond pattern, creating a springy, lightweight web that opens up to cradle you with its sense of euphoric weightlessness. Despite its lightweight construction, Mayan hammocks have been known to hold up to a thousand pounds, meaning you can comfortably nap alone or cuddle up with a friend or ten – depending on the size of your hammock, of course.

Setting Up Your Mayan Hammock

Mayan hammocks are perfect replacements for beds, and are strung up via a cord stretched between two points (such as a tree or between two walls.) The Mayan hammock can also be used on camping trips or installed on your porch or patio. These are the largest types of hammocks we carry, so be sure you have plenty of room to fully stretch out. You may find it so comfortable to snooze in that you’ll never go back to a regular bed!

Mayan Hammocks are available in single and doublewide varieties, so you can lay back and relax by yourself or invite a friend over to stretch out beside you as you laze the day away staring at the clear blue sky. Who doesn’t want a piece of paradise?