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Sink Into the Hammock Life

The world today can be a hectic, confusing, and exhausting place. That's why, at Harmony Hammocks, we believe in giving you a little slice of heaven so that you take a little rest and relaxation for yourself anytime that you please. Or, if you're the adventuring type that likes to explore the backwoods or camp along the ocean, we have hammocks for you too. No matter your style, we know we have the hammock that will fit you just right.

At Harmony hammocks, we pride ourselves on only having the best quality materials for our hammocks to go along with the best customer service we can offer. As a result, our hammocks are durable, portable, and most importantly, comfortable, so the only thing you have to worry about is finding a good anchor spot to hang it up (and if you can't find one, we have stands to let you hang it wherever you want!

We offer a wide variety of hammock styles to suit your every need; below is a list of some of our most popular options. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will help in any way that we can.

Brazilian Hammocks

Used by South Americans for centuries, Brazilian hammocks provide a warm surface for you to wrap yourself up in. Since they lack a spreader bar — the long piece of wood at the top and bottom of the hammock – Brazilian hammocks are known to curl up on their occupant, creating a cocoon-like atmosphere that allows you to truly feel like you're shut off from the world. They are heavier than other styles of hammocks, which means that they'll be warmer — and are thus designed for milder climates — but there's no denying that they are the epitome of comfort. We also have a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and designs, so you'll know that whatever type of Brazilian hammock you buy it'll truly be unique.

Mayan Hammocks

If you're looking for something that offers more airflow and is suitable for warmer weather, consider a Mayan hammock. These hammocks are bound using a cotton-poly blend and are wove using a tight diamond-shaped pattern. This creates a more sturdy sleeping environment, which, in turn, puts less stress on the joints since you won't be sagging closer towards the ground. Still, you'll also find that Mayan hammocks are incredibly flexible and have the ability to contoured to your specific body shape. If you're looking for something that you can couple with a nice pillow and a blanket to provide an afternoon nap on the back porch, you can't go wrong with a Mayan hammock.

Rope Hammocks

When you think of "hammocks" in general, most likely, the image that pops in your mind is that of a rope hammock. Constructed using only 100% cotton and bound in a loose weave, rope hammocks are the most flexible type of hammocks on the market today. They're very easy to set up, easy to take down, and can be used with hooks that are screwed into a beam or with a stand that allows you to relax anywhere you like. Because of the material, rope hammocks also have maximum airflow traveling underneath the hammock, making them the perfect choice for a hot summer afternoon.

Nicaraguan Hammocks

Like Brazilian hammocks, Nicaraguan hammocks don't have a spreader bar at the top and the bottom, resulting in a "gathered end" style that folds in on itself. Unlike their Brazilian counterparts, however, Nicaraguan hammocks are much more breathable, so if you are planning on sleeping in a hotter environment, you should look at a Nicaraguan hammock to make your evenings a little bit cooler.

Quilted Hammocks

Every individual hammock has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, but somewhere along the line, the quilted hammock was created to be as "all-purpose" as possible. Quilted hammocks have a layer of rope that is sandwiched between two layers of fabrics, which creates a remarkably flexible - and sturdy - hammock. Because of this, quilted hammocks are excellent choices for those with young children who may struggle to get in and out of a hammock since the spreader bar keeps them mostly flat and accessible.

Pool Hammocks

Is there anything better than getting out of a pool on a hot summer day and lounging in a hammock? If that defines your perfect afternoon, then we recommend purchasing a pool hammock to use next to your personal oasis. Most other styles of hammocks use natural fibers that can allow mold and mildew to form if exposed to water consistently. Pool hammocks, on the other hand, are water-resistant, so you can not only use them after a morning swim but also leave them out and exposed to the elements. Fortunately, our pool hammocks maintain their flexibility as well, which allows you to lounge with ease. Most of these are installed on stands that hang individually, but you can put them in between two posts or from a beam – whatever you would normally hang a hammock.

Camping Hammocks

Camping is awesome, but sometimes the fact that you have to lug around a ton of weight into the backwoods can make it inaccessible. That's why we always recommend camping hammocks. It may take a few nights to get used to sleeping in a hammock, but the ease of stringing up a camping hammock between two trees is irreplaceable when compared to the idea of taking a tent and sleeping bags several miles across the backcountry. Furthermore, hammocks keep you up off the ground and away from critters that can crawl around on top of you while you sleep, and when paired with mosquito netting — which we also sell — it can keep you away from airborne critters as well.

Hammock Chairs

For the ultimate lounging experience, we recommend hammock chairs. Just as the name implies, these are hammocks that are designed to be used in a sitting position rather than lying down. Most come with either a footstool or a pillow attached to them, which turns them into more of a recliner than simply a chair. Furthermore, they can be hung in a matter of seconds, which allows you to transform an otherwise blank outdoor space into a communal environment where you can sit and chat with friends. Or, if you simply want to read a good book while listening to the sounds of nature, hammock chairs can accomplish that as well. If you couple a hammock chair with a stand that allows for 360° rotation, you'll also be able to swivel in a circle for hours, if you desire. The possibilities are endless.

Hammock Stands

Many people shy away from hammocks because of the belief that they have to be installed on your trees or underneath a sturdy beam. If you don't have any of those or just simply want to use your hammock in more than one location, Hammock stands may be the right fit for you. With a hammock stand, all you have to do is open up the stand, string your hammock, and you'll be inside snoozing in less than a few minutes. Don't mistake the portability of a hammock stand for lack of durability, though; these units are rated just the same as our hammocks, so you can relax with confidence. Our hammock stands also come in a variety of different looks, from wood to metal, to metal that is wrapped in wicker. No matter your personal style, we have a hammock stand that can match it.

Hammock Accessories

Sometimes, simply having a hammock isn't enough! That's why we offer a wide range of accessories to help you customize your hammock experience. Pillows, blankets, drink holders, and chain hanging kits -- no matter your need, we most likely have it stocked.

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