If lounging by the pool or the lake is your thing, then a poolside hammock is a must. Our poolside hammocks offer the traditional comfort and whimsical swinging/swaying/chillaxing action of a regular hammock in a water-resistant format that is ideal for poolside use. Yes these are heavenly. These hammocks are built tough to hold up to the abuse of errant splashing caused by frolicking near the water, so if poolside horseplay is a “thing” at your house, you’ll thank us for suggesting this type of hammock.

Locations for Poolside Hammocks

Some of our customers choose to locate their poolside hammocks on the deck near the pool. Since the hammock is water-resistant, they hop out of the pool at whim, make their way to the hammock, and then lie down and work on their tans. This type of installation generally requires the use of a hammock stand, which allows for freestanding use of your hammock. The hammock stand also makes it possible to move your hammock from one spot to another poolside, which adds to the hammock’s versatility. Poolside hammocks usually have spreader bars, so the hammock’s resting surface is maximized and its material does not cocoon around your body – giving you maximum access to the sun – a must for sun worshippers. If drying off on your hammock after a swim is your goal, then our poolside hammocks can also be attached to the rafters of a porch or patio near the pool. You still get the protective buffer of water-resistance for errant splashing, but you are also out of the line of fire for things like sun exposure and prying eyes. We sell special kits for installing our poolside hammocks on covered patios and porches, making the process of installation simple and quick. Hanging your hammock between two nearby trees is another option. This installation usually gets you out of the sun, so you can work on chilling out and unwinding while everyone else is lapping up the rays.

Poolside Hammocks – Fabric Options

When selecting a poolside hammock, look for waterproof material, such as waterproof textilene. This material has two separate layers – a layer of woven polyester – which is uber resistant to water on its own – topped off with a coating of PVC. While either of these materials is water-resistant on its own, when combined, they form a barrier that is impenetrable by moisture. As an added bonus, textilene resists mold and mildew, so it can hold up to the rigors of use in moist areas such as by the pool or near other sources of water without losing its beauty. Textilene also resists the fading that other fabrics might undergo from continual exposure to UV light, giving it another plus when weighing poolside hammock options.