If you're in the market for a Mayan Hammock then look no further! If you’ve ever enjoyed a nice  afternoon snoozing and lazing around without a care in the world in a hammock, then you have the Mayans to thank.

Purchase a hammock for your family that you can use in your backyard that will transform your ordinary afternoon nap into an absolute paradise. We offer our products for a fair price, plus you get free shipping on all orders. If your cart is empty add a couple of hammocks  to your cart and start relaxing today! You can't beat the comfort of hammocks!


Origins of Quality Handwoven Hammocks without Spreader Bars

The hamacas of yesteryear were much different than the Mayan hammock of modern times we use now. These suspended beds kept them off the dirty ground and protected them in a cocoon from things like snakes, rodents, and other dangerous critters.

Hammock Double - Family Size: Better Than a Bed - Relaxation and Naptime Must-Have

The Mayan Hammocks (without spreader bars) are made by Mexican dissidents of Mayans from the Yucatan Peninsula. This fine cotton hammock bed is constructed from thin strings of fabric in a diamond pattern, creating a springy, lightweight sturdy fabric web that opens up to cradle you with its sense of euphoric weightlessness.

Despite it's lightweight construction, a Mayan hammock have been known to hold up to a 600 pounds, meaning you can comfortably nap alone or cuddle up with a friend – depending on the size of your hammocks, of course but be sure to check the weight rating before trying this.

Is A Mayan Hammock Portable?

These hammocks are more portable than a spreader bar hammock and small price to pay for the feeling of pure comfort and relaxation. This hammock is also available in the larger family size hammock.

What is a Mayan hammock?

Our Mexican made, hand woven best hamaca maya are perfect replacements for beds, and are strung up via a cord stretched between two points (such as a tree or between two walls). They are similar to other hammocks and are made using premium grade materials. A cotton Mayan hammock can also be used on camping trips or installed on your porch or patio.

Sleep or Hangout By The Pool In Handmade Hammocks Outdoor

The Mexican cotton Mayan Hammock is made out of fabric material with nylon end ropes and feature a diamond weave pattern. They are available in the cotton Yucatan Double hammock (bed length of 6.7 ft) and the Yucatan XL family size varieties, so you can lay down by yourself or invite a friend over to stretch out beside you as you laze the day away staring at the clear blue sky in the best hammock ever.

Buy A Harmony Hammock: The Best Hammocks Company

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a piece of paradise in one of the most comfortable hammocks? Our website is available to take hammock orders 24/7! Order yours today. Sign up to our newsletter receive great content, hit the email submit now. Search our website to find the right hammock for you.

Where to Put Your Handmade Mayan Style Hammock?

Available in various sizes, you can kick your outdoor space up a notch and create one of the most relaxing environments you can experience. They are strong and great for kids however please make sure you supervise them in order to minimize accidents. If you prefer to sit then consider buying one of our hammock chairs! Put some items in cart free shipping applies.

Pros of Ownership
  • If you have kids they love swinging in a hammock
  • A Hammock is fun for the whole family
  • Mexican made
  • Great for resting body and arms - wraps you up like a cocoon
  • Weather resistant - use indoor or outdoors
  • Awesome durability and quality
  • Wake up feeling great after sleeping in a hammock

This Mayan Hammock Doesn't Rely on Hammock Stands

You don't have to put your Mayan hammock double in a stand, though it can be more convenient if you don’t have an walls or trees to anchor it to. Even those these hammocks aren't 100% weather resistant we prefer our sturdy mayan hammocks outside so we can enjoy nature while hanging out and experiencing some peace and tranquility, especially during the summer. Just make sure you be careful of mildew.

Sleep in Mayan Hammock Heaven

The polyester nylon end cords are thicker and have great durability than the original variations. We are happy to provide you with a number of different mayan hammock color options. We particularly enjoy the bright, colorful hammocks, even though mayan hammocks can sometimes fade or get a build up of mildew after being left out in the sun and weather for years.

Durable Quality Mayan Hammocks for Whole Family

Our adult thick cord cotton hammocks with nylon ends are great for children to relax and hangout in as well because mayan hammock are always fun and some say more comfortable than a bed, especially at an affordable price. These hammocks definitely one of the most comfortable hammocks to wrap your body.

If you have any questions about price, just drop us a line and we'll be happy to help you out and tell you about our hammocks selection.

The Best Hammock is Easy to Care For

Our hammocks are very durable but if you really want to maximize the life we recommend that you was them down with fabric cleaner. We also suggest you store them inside or cover them during rain storms and winter time where they are constantly exposed to extreme bad weather.

Cleaning Instructions

We recommend to all Harmony Hammocks customers to hand wash your hammock with very gentle detergent and then hung up to dry. This will help to extend the life of the cotton, nylon and your Mayan hammocks.

Keep it Clean

Make sure you keep your hammock clean to prevent cotton fabric from prematurely rotting. This can happen if you store your hammock away wet after being left in rainy or wet weather. The mildew can have an unappealing odor which can be off putting. Take care of your outdoor mayan hammock if you want to get the most out of it. Pro tip: store indoor during the rainy or cold months.


Hammock Wear

Always make sure you keep an eye on the wear of the rope when hanging your hammock outdoors. You don't want to hop in and crash on to the ground because the rope is frayed. We proudly offer you the greatest hammock selection online. Sign up to our newsletter receive great content, hit the email submit now. Search our website to find the right one for you even if you only want to use for indoor.

Purchase Quality Single or Family Hammocks

Quality single hammocks are ideal for one adult and double hammocks can used to by two people but are still nice to enjoy on your own! The weather resistant design of the hammock double with polyester end strings makes these some of the most easy to use ones with out spreader bars available. If you want to buy 10 or more please call for wholesale price info, including camping hammocks too.

Don't Burn Yourself!

Sometimes people would even place hot coals or small fires beneath their handwoven hammocks to keep them warm or scare off insects while they sleep. Nowadays these are made in natural and bright colors. We find the cotton mayan hammock much more comfortable than a polyester or cotton hammocks with spreader bars. Please contact support for more mayan hammock product information.

Quality Camping Hammocks

A Mayan double Mayan hammock with a diamond weave pattern are intended to help you seriously relax. Live the life of the Mayan inside the comfort of your own home. Come and experience the difference, get a great price and feel like you're on a tropical beach in Mexico in you hammock double. Leave your spreader bars and tent at home your Mayan Hammock has it all.

Largest Durable Single Hammocks

These are the largest types we carry, so be sure you have plenty of room to fully stretch out. No spreader bars required here. If you treat material with a weather resistant spray it will last longer.

How Do You Hang Your Handwoven Hammock?

It's pretty simple to use and really no different than using soft rope hammocks, hammock chairs, spreader bar hammocks or brazilian hammocks. These are made with one thing in mind and that is creating the ultimate relaxation experience that will allow you drift away from your worries and stresses. You can hang yours in the backyard if you have one for extra comfort or near a tree for some shade from the sun. No hammock stands are required.

Relaxation at its Best in a Mayan Hammock by the Pool

You’ll probably even forget you’re in your backyard or at your cottage and think you're in Mexico laying by a white sand beach or by a pool. You can use hammocks indoors and outdoors or even as a bed replacement with camping hammocks. Get some sleep in your cotton mayan hammock in the sun!

Tree Straps for Hammocks

If you are hanging a double hammock we suggest you purchase extra strong nylon tree straps like the ones we sell so you don't damage trees. If you’re hanging your rope hammock indoors then you should make sure you securely screw the hooks into a stud (wooden) or joist.

Shop Online Now for Breathable Mayan Cotton Hammocks and Get Free Shipping from Our Hammock Company

Some customers prefer to hang their camping hammocks between 2 trees and some prefer to use hammock stands. Super easy setup, no spreader bars and a convenient alternative to a bed. Happy hammock shopping!