Life in the great outdoors gets a little bit more homelike when you add a camping hammock to your lineup of essential gear. Whether you’re camping with buddies or making a trek backpacking across a country, a camping hammock is a good option for sleeping under the stars in total comfort.

What is a Camping Hammock?

A camping hammock is a type of hammock that fits right in your backpack or rucksack, so you can easily transport them on the trail.

Advantages of Camping Hammocks

Camping hammocks have some advantages when compared to traditional sleeping arrangements on the trail or around camp. Some of these includes:

- Reducing the amount of weight you carry. Traipsing through the woods with a heavy pack if hard enough. If you replace a traditional tent with a lightweight camping hammock, you reduce the weight you carry, lightening your load so you can enjoy the experience more fully.

- Taking up less space in your pack. Our camping hammocks are not only compact and lightweight, but they also fold up neatly into their included stuff sacks, making them easier to transport and taking up minimal space in your backpack. That leaves room for all the other stuff you want to bring along, like bug spray and S’mores fixings.

- Getting you up off the ground. The sheer discomfort of sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground can be enough of a deterrent to keep would-be campers out of the woods for good. With a hammock, you experience nothing but blissful comfort when you go to bed. The design of a hammock allows for the easing of pressure points in the body, so you can recuperate from a day on the trail while you sleep instead of lying in discomfort all night long.

- Ease of installation. A camping hammock is both (A) easy to install between two trees, and (B) easy to uninstall when you pack up and move to a new location. Unlike a tent that has to be pitched and subsequently taken down, a camping hammock installs in just minutes and is just as easy to take down when needed, minus the frustration and with no swearing. No spikes, no awkward maneuvers to get it set up, so you get to sleep faster.

But What About Bugs?

Some campers may be loving the idea of a camping hammock while simultaneously wondering, “What about bugs?” A camping hammock with a mosquito net is the solution. The woods are filled with creepy crawlies, with an emphasis on “crawly.” If you’re in a tent, you’re not protected from these sorts of critters, but suspended between two trees in a camping hammock with a mosquito net protects you from all sorts of unwieldily creatures of the night. This gives you the peace of mind that you won’t wake up looking like a pin cushion and reaching for the Benadryl.