If you’ve ever appreciated long afternoons lying prone in a hammock, oblivious to the cares of the world while the rustling of the leaves from the shade tree overhead lulls you to sleep, then you should say a quick thank you to the Maya. These ancient people – and later, the Brazilians – are responsible for the introduction of the hamaca, or what we know as the hammock – to humankind. While we would go back in time and give the original hammock makers a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize if we could, we decided to honor them in another way – by bringing you fabulous Brazilian style hammocks to transform your backyard into a tranquil paradise where napping is the norm and vegging out is encouraged.


Origins of the Brazilian Hammock

Brazil and the hammock have a long, lazy history. Christopher Columbus, on a stopover there in the 15th century, noted that the natives there slept not on the lice-ridden beds of straw to which he’d grown accustomed – but on hammocks hung between two cords in their homes or outside strung between two trees. Columbus, seeing what a novel idea he’d encountered, commandeered a few of these hammocks and brought them back to his European contemporaries who were so stoked that they quickly adopted them for sailors on ships heading to the New World. The rest, as they say, is nap-worthy history.

Brazilian hammocks are among the most popular we sell, and it’s easy to see why. This hammock style has been around for a long, long time, so why mess with a good thing? The big difference between Brazilian hammocks and other types is their lack of spreader bars – which is a big plus if you like a hammock that draws you into its cocoon-like comfort and cradles you while the breeze blows (or when the evening air turns chilly).

Naptime Must-Have: The Brazilian Hammock

Brazilian hammocks are usually woven by hand using thick cotton or cotton and polyester material, so they’re super tough and hold up to tons of napping and vegging out. The weave is solid, which we love because it means you won’t snag your best lounging shirt when you’ve snuck off for a siesta. It also makes them ideal for cooler climates, but that won’t stop us from hopping into one to catch a few “Zs” no matter the temperature.

Installing a Brazilian Hammock

This type of hammock is a great take-along hammock for the avid camper, climber, or outdoor adventurer since they can easily be installed using tree snaps. Still, if you have a hankering to install a Brazilian hammock on your back porch or patio, you can use hammock hooks and hook plates to fasten your hammock to a beam, post, ceiling, or wall. With the many health benefits being touted about sleeping in hammocks, you may even find yourself wanting to rig one up in your bedroom.

Brazilian hammocks are available in both single and double varieties, so you can choose to lounge on your own or invite a friend for a veg-out session.