Although most two-person hammocks are designed for single-person use, there may be times when you decide to bunk up with somebody else, whether that's with a spouse or a pet. When that happens, you'll most likely need a two-person hammock since the increase in weight will require a slightly different construction in order to maintain the same level of comfort and safety.


What is a Two-Person Hammock?

A two-person hammock is exactly what the name says it is: It's a hammock that is designed and built for two people instead of one. Despite the name, many double hammocks are used by only one person, primarily because they're so much larger than a single-person hammock. For people that are taller or would just like to stretch out will bit more, a double hammock creates a significantly higher level of comfort with only a slight increase in unit weight.

Overall though, they are constructed almost exactly the same as a single person hammock. You have rope hammocks that are made primarily of a cotton-poly blend and are knit together in a diamond shape, as well as Nicaraguan or Mayan hammocks that use full cotton and are heavier than others. If you want a more "traditional" look, check out our two-person poolside or parachute hammocks that are exactly like our single person versions, only larger.

Why Would I Need a Two-Person Hammock?

The obvious reason for requiring a larger hammock is if there is somebody else in the hammock with you, but as stated above, many solo adventurers prefer them over their single person counterparts. The first reason is that they're generally more comfortable. The increase in space allows the individual to stretch out more or, if they prefer, wrap themselves in an even tighter cocoon. With more material, there's more room to work with.

Still, others prefer them for camping purposes. If you're going on an adventure with somebody else, it's much more convenient to simply string a hammock between two trees and sleep in that, rather than setting up a tent and rolling out sleeping bags. If that is the route you decide to go, however, we will encourage you to try it out first at home since sleeping in a double hammock with another individual provides a few more difficulties than you would think. More weight usually indicates more swaying, but also, if one person gets up in the middle of the night, they can wake up the other person. That being said, it's hard to beat the ease-of-use and significant reduction in weight when you decide to go hammock camping as opposed to setting up a tent every night.

Finally, others prefer to have a two-person hammock simply so that they can lounge together. Few things are more enjoyable than snuggling with a significant other under the sky on a hammock that is blowing gently in the wind. You won't be able to do that in a single person hammock; instead, you'll have to spring for a slightly larger two-person hammock instead.

How Do I Hang a Two-Person Hammock?

Hang a two-person hammock isn't usually any different than a single person hammock, although you will need to find a location that offers more strength since there will be an increase in weight. As with a single person hammock, you can always hang one underneath a metal stand if you prefer, but most people choose to use straps to connect them around a tree or branch of some kind. If you want to make it more permanent, consider using bolts to anchor into a beam.

Especially resourceful adventurers also learn how to tie special knots that allow them to hang their two-person hammocks just about anywhere. Some of these knots are quite impressive and can hold two or three times the amount of weight that the hammock can even hold, which is a feat of engineering by itself. It's a good idea to learn a few of the simple knots so that you can deploy them, if necessary, in a pinch.

Are There Any Concerns With Two-Person Hammocks?

Hammocks are known for being the ultimate relaxation vehicles, so there usually aren't that many concerns associated with two-person hammocks. Still, that doesn't mean that you should be aware of the potential difficulties, some of which are outlined below.

One of the things that you should be aware of is that, due to the increase in weight, you'll notice that your hammock will sag closer to the ground. This means that if you're planning on anchoring your two-person hammock to a specific point, you should move it up at least 6-12 inches to accommodate for how much lower it may hang once you're inside.

Another thing to consider is insulation. The more a brazilian hammock sags, the closer it gets to the ground, and the less airflow will be able to travel up underneath and cool you off. This is important enough by itself, but you also need to consider the extra insulation that you'll potentially have from having somebody lay next to you. This may mean that when you're camping, for instance, you won't need to take as many blankets if you're camping in the winter, but if you're lounging on a hot summer afternoon, be sure to do so in a shady area or near a fan where there's higher airflow.

Ready to Relax?

At Harmony hammocks, we pride ourselves on using only the best quality material for our two-person hammocks. We use weatherproofing materials that won't break down as easily if left outside and also come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect look for you.

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