For those who want to experience the relaxation that a hammock can provide but would prefer to do so while reading a book or chatting with friends, hammock chairs offer an excellent alternative to traditional hammocks. With a loose cotton design that allows for breathable support and a contour shape that creates the feeling of slipping into a cocoon, hammock chairs provide the ultimate in versatility, comfort, and durability.

What Exactly is a Hammock Chair?

True to its name, a hammock chair is nothing more than a hammock that is built like a chair. It has the same underlying structure — polyester or cotton support, spreader bar, and hook anchors — but allows you to set it up straight instead of lying flat. It may also have other attachments built-in, such as a footrest or a pillow, but it maintains the same swing-like motion that other hammocks provide.

The beauty of hammock chairs is the versatility they can give you. In less than a minute, you can turn an ordinary backyard space into a forest of hammock chairs, allowing you to sit and converse with some of your closest friends on a beautiful summer evening. Or, if you prefer to simply enjoy the outdoors by yourself, a single hammock chair can also allow you to unwind with a good book. Generally speaking, hammock chairs are not designed for sleeping, but that doesn't mean you won't fall asleep in one.

 What are Hammock Chairs Made From?

Just like your traditional hammocks, hammock chairs are made from polyester, linen, or cotton fibers. Mayan hammock chairs, for instance, have a tight weave bound in a diamond-like fashion that flexes underneath the weight. Though the majority of a Mayan chair is made of cotton, it may also have 25 to 50% of other materials inside of it as well. This may compromise a little bit of comfort, but it ultimately maximizes the durability. Some hammock chairs can last for 20 years, if not longer.

If you want to go for the ultimate in comfort, then you should look into a Brazilian or Nicaraguan hammock. If you travel to Nicaragua, you may find that a lot of people prefer sleeping in these year-round, and that's because there is a higher cotton count that is much thicker than other styles and gives an overall more luxurious feeling. Beyond that, there are different styles you can choose from, such as Brazilian hammock chairs, quilted hammock chairs, and even ones that are just made out of rope. The possibilities are endless.

How Do I Choose the Right Hammock Chair for Me?

Ironically, the most stressful part of a hammock may be deciding on the one that is right for you. Many people have different opinions about which style or fabric is right, but ultimately, this part goes down to personal preference.

What you should consider the most in your search for the right hammock chair are purpose and value. Nearly all hammock chairs will last for years if taking care of, but if you decide to leave them outdoors indefinitely, the rain and weather can cause them to bear down over time. The chairs that are made out of stronger material will inevitably last longer, but you will sacrifice comfort over time. No matter which style you choose, it's always better to roll up and store your hammock chair when not in use.

Possibly more important than the quality of your chair is the purpose that it's intended for. While you may enjoy having a hammock chair all to yourself, others choose to share theirs with a second person or a pet. If that's the case, then you need to take a look at the weight limit on your hammock. Some chairs are rated at 300 pounds, while others can sustain weights of 450 pounds or more. The higher the weight limit, the higher the price, but if you try to put too much weight inside of a hammock, it could collapse in result in injury. It's much better to get one that serves the purpose you need at the outset.

Where Can I Use a Hammock Chair?

The beauty of hammock chairs is that you can literally put them anywhere, whether that's underneath a tree branch, hanging from a beam in your patio, or even standing by themselves. Most of the time, you can buy a freestanding hammock chair holder for an additional price that is made out of solid metal and can support any size hammock you need. All these may look heavy, but many of them are surprisingly portable, so you should take a look at our list of accessories to decide what kind of things you may need for your specific situation.

How Do I Install a Hammock Chair?

Since they're so incredibly portable, hammock chairs are designed to be taken down and reinstalled in less than a few minutes. All you really need is a single supportive location where you can drill in a bolt, and the rest should fall into place.

Ideally, this location would be outside, but others have found success putting a hanging chair on the inside of their homes. Regardless, make sure that you're able to put the hooks directly into a beam that can support the weight, and then use a carabiner to attach the hammock chair to the hooks. Once you've done that, simply wrap the ropes through the carabiner and spread out the hammock to distribute the net evenly.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Hammock Chair

As stated above, installing and operating a hammock chair could not be any easier. Once the bolts are attached, and the hammock is unfurled, the most challenging question you ask yourself will be which book to pick out as you relax.

Nevertheless, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind as you try to make the most of your purchase. First, always be mindful of the location that you hang it. While safety should be a primary factor, you should also take into consideration permanence. The hammock is portable, but the bolt that you screw into the beam is not, so make sure that you're okay with where it's located since the anchor point will be semi-permanent.

Next, consider how much height you need to be able to hang it properly. Most recommend having the bottom of the hammock hang at least 4 feet off the ground when it's unoccupied; that way, it's both accessible to anybody that wants to get inside of it, as well as high enough off the ground that it won't rip. You should also be mindful of airflow. If the hammock chair is lowered too far from the ground, you won't get very much oxygen underneath, and it will be significantly warmer than if you'd raised that even a foot or two.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with your hammock chair. First-time users often get frustrated — albeit in a comical way — as they inevitably sit down in the hammock chair and find themselves at a weird angle once they settle. If this happens to you, laugh it off and keep adjusting your positioning until you find the location that is most comfortable. Some people prefer laying on their side, while others want to stretch out. At the end of the day, it's your cocoon, so make it what you want. Check out our Mayan Hammocks.

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