Picture it; you arrive home from work ready for some R&R and head immediately to a chair hammock suspended from the rafters on your porch. You settle in, close your eyes, and hang there, suspended in midair as the cares of the day slip away. This is an everyday reality for our hammock chair customers.

The hammock chair combines the things you love about a hammock – the gentle feel of the hammock rocking you back and forth, lulling you to sleep, and the non-restrictive body-hugging comfort of lounging without affecting your body’s pressure points – in a chair format. Yes, lying in a hammock can be one of the most relaxing experiences, but sitting in a hammock chair is right up there too. With a hammock chair, you experience some of the same feelings you have with a traditional hammock with the added benefit of sitting up, so you can unwind with a good book or read the evening paper at the same time.

Chair Hammock Hanging Styles

Hammock chairs are quite versatile, so you can adapt them to your particular preferences in order to enjoy your “me” time in your chair to the fullest. How you install yours depends on whether you buy a chair hammock with a spreader bar or without a spreader bar.

If you’re hanging a hammock without a spreader bar, the swing style installation lets you use the hammock as a chair swing, rocking back and forth as you sit. Swing style installation for a spreader-bar style chair hammock is also possible, and it’s a good idea for areas where you have less room for installing the hammock. The other type of hanging installation type is pivot style, which is only suitable for spreader-bar chair hammocks. This installation lets you rotate in your chair a full 360 degrees, drifting gently around as you unwind. You only need a single anchor point to install your chair hammock in the pivot style.

Installing Your Hammock Chair

After selecting a suitable hanging style, it’s time to hang your chair hammock. You have a few basic options when it comes to where to hang your hammock: indoors, from a tree branch, from a beam overhead on the deck, patio, or porch, or from a hammock stand. Which you choose depends on your own preferences and how you plan to use the chair.

To hang your chair from inside, you’ll need to drill hooks into a supportive beam in the ceiling, and then use a carabiner to attach the hammock chair to the hooks.

To hang the hammock chair from a tree branch, select a healthy, solid, and strong branch, and then wrap the ropes of the chair over the branch. Use a carabiner to secure the ropes.

For hammock chair installation on an overhead beam or rafter, wrap the hammock chair’s ropes around the beam, and then attach each of the ropes to one of the hammocks eyes. Secure with a carabiner.

For hammock chair stand installation, assemble the stand, and follow the instructions included with the stand to attach your hammock chair.