Nicaraguan Hammock Category

Whether you sling it between two shade trees or install it from the rafters or a hammock stand, the Nicaraguan hammock is a lazy-day treat all the way around. Nicaragua is the hammock capital of Central America in much the way that Brazil rules the hammock world in South America. In fact, history tells us that the hammock’s origins lie in Central America with the Maya, who were among the most advanced of all ancient civilizations, and we can’t help but marvel at their ingenious idea of suspending one’s sleeping surface above the ground.

Why Choose a Nicaraguan Hammock?

It’s easy to see why some people prefer Nicaraguan hammocks above all others. Made for the often unbearably hot Central American climate, these hammocks are lightweight, airy, and breezy, so you not only have it made in the shade, the resting area stays cool and comfortable, conducive to napping and getting your veg on. But being a lightweight doesn’t mean that the Nicaraguan hammock is flimsy; the Nicaraguan technique of weaving these hammocks involves using tight stitches that make it super durable and able to withstand continual use and abuse from daily naps.

More Reasons to Love Nicaraguan Hammocks

Most Nicaraguan hammocks have a decorative fringe detail trimming their sides, which adds to their beautiful appeal. This crocheted detail gives the hammock a bit of a decorative look, giving it a homey, welcoming touch. Like the Brazilian hammock, the Nicaraguan hammock lacks spreader bars, so it offers a cocoon-like napping experience, which some people prefer to the more open design of hammocks with spreader bars.

Installing Your Nicaraguan Hammock

Nicaraguan hammocks can be installed in the same ways as most other hammocks. In their country of origin, the hammock is usually suspended from two trees or even installed inside a bedroom using special hooks and fasteners. You can use either of these methods if desired, or you an opt for installation with a hammock stand. Hammock stands allow you to put your hammock up on your porch, patio, or deck without the need for hammock hanging kits or affixing the hammock from beams or rafters.

Nicaraguan Hammock Maintenance

Taking care of your Nicaraguan hammock is simple and easy. While the hardware on most hammocks is geared for use in the elements, we recommend using a hammock sock to cover your hammock when it’s not in use. This type of hammock accessory slides down over your hammock when it’s not in use, keeping the cotton fibers from succumbing to moisture.

Select a single or double Nicaraguan hammock to suit your veg-out style.