We’re based in Vancouver Canada, home of the 2010 winter Olympics, beautiful beaches and mountains, plus temperate weather year round.  We have back yards and hammocks that fill that void.  We figured it was time we start in on pitching the same kind of relaxing environment to the world.

We see other hammock stores online.  For the most part, these sites seem to be lacking in quality products or real information a consumer might want. Our aim is to provide not only great products, but an easy purchasing experience for our customers.

As for our products, we currently have South American style hammocks, rope, camping, parachute, Mayan hammock chairs all hand woven from a super soft polyester.  The soft polyester is chosen specifically for it’s strength and comfort.  The side benefit is these hammocks last darn near forever, unlike a cotton hammock.  We’ve found the cotton hammocks deteriorate even over one season of being left out in the elements.  Not only does the natural fibre start to let go, but it fades.  If you spent good money on a vibrant red cotton hammock, you might have found that red had faded into a pinky grey.  Brilliant yellow into maybe a drab tan. Purple?  We don’t know what that purple might fade and weather into, but we know we didn’t want to be selling whatever color hammock that might be.

So here we are. Quality hammocks at decent prices, with friendly Canadian customer support.  We’re shipping out of Canada and the USA so shipping is easy, and in some cases free.

Shop with confidence, and give us a call with any hammock related questions. That's what we're here for.