Are you looking to buy a rope hammock online? If you live in North America or are a fan of “Gilligan’s Island,” then chances are you’re familiar with the rope hammock. These popular hammocks are a staple in backyards and beaches through the U.S. and are the perfect napping devices during the lazy days of summer. Just slap on a pair of sunglasses, hop on in and get comfortable while you soak up the sun’s rays. If all that summertime warmth makes you sleeping, go ahead and take a nap. The cotton and polyester rope hammock was designed for relaxing and catching some shuteye, after all.


History of the Rope Hammock

When most people think of a traditional handwoven hammock, they probably think of the rope hammock, a world-famous invention by South Carolina’s own riverboat Captain Joshua John Ward, or “Cap’n Josh” as he was known. Cap’n Josh decided that the grass-filled mattress he slept on his working boat wasn’t very comfortable, so he decided to try out a hammock; however, the antique cotton hammocks of that day and age weren’t very much better as far as catching some “Z’s” goes, as they were small and cramped, difficult to navigate, and liable to tip over.

So what was a riverboat captain to do? Design his own new and improved hammock, of course. Naturally, his mind went to ropes and how they’d allow air to circulate around a body as it slept. Unfortunately, the handwoven hammock designs of his day were rough and unsteady, with bulky, uncomfortable knots. These were incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in, and would often give way on the poor ol’ sap who happened to be sleeping on it.

This predicament led to Cap’n Josh experimenting to create a strong, sturdy rope hammock that didn’t involve knots throughout its body and that wouldn’t give way while he was sleeping. After several failures, he finally came up with a winning design, which consisted of heavy cotton rope in a double-latch weave. This formula had individual ropes pulling against each other, so they created a lattice-type design.

But that wasn’t the best part. Cap’n Josh invented wooden spreader bars, which allowed the hammock to be strung up while keeping all knots away from the hammock bed itself. Now he had a bed made from cotton that was soft and comfortable with a double-latch weave that kept the bed strong and secure, and spreader bars that made the bed wide enough to spread out while he slept. This design became the template for the classic American hammock style. They are available in single or oversized 2 person deluxe models and available in polyester and in the original cotton. You can hang your outdoor hammock from a tree, from hooks or set up your hammock with a stand, it's totally up to you. Either way you're going to be feeling pretty relaxed after resting your head on a pillow having snooze and hanging out and in your hammock all day.

The Modern Rope Hammock

Rope hammocks and the popular hammock swings and chair have seen some changes over the years, and now there are different types of handcrafted cotton rope hammocks for you to choose from. They are comfortable and affordable, while the best duracord and polyester rope hammock features a tight-weave from weather-proof materials, so you can leave it hanging out in your backyard or porch, even when the weather takes a turn for the worse. They simply easy to care for. Our easy to use high quality durable polyester rope hammocks for sale are offered in single and large double person capacity, so you can either lounge or swing around in the backyard enjoying a good book or taking a nice long nap by yourself, or invite a friend over to laze around with you an experience some relaxation together. Don't forget to check out our selection of stands, straps, pillows and accessories. If you're looking for a great deal on rope hammock for yourself or to purchase one as a gift, we've got you covered. Keep an eye out for special shopper deals and discounts such as free shipping!